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Alberto Hamonet, one of the sons of Léon HAMONET.


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De : Kenya Hamonet Brea [mailto:kenyabrea@yahoo.com]
Envoyé : lundi 20 février 2006
À : bchallet@wanadoo.fr
Objet : HELLO

Dear Bernard,

Hello ! I’m Kenya Hamonet Brea, and I’m really excited on contacting you. It’s incredible that we can be in touch, [...] Gaston made this miracle happen.
I’ve met Gaston three times up to now and in some ways it is as if we have been always together, and even we have met two months ago we shall never brake this reunion. I know that he has tried some other times when my father still lived and also wiht my uncle Carlos (Tito, for us) and with my aunt Ana (Ñata for us) but they are or were in the case of my father and uncle because they both died, Ñata still lives but after my father’s death I never saw her again she didn’t act with me too well so I’ve took her out of my life.
Lots of kisses,
Kenya Hamonet Brea

De : Kenya Hamonet Brea [mailto:kenyabrea@yahoo.com]
Envoyé : mercredi 22 février 2006
À : bchallet@wanadoo.fr
Objet : RE : HELLO

Dear Bernard and Odile :

[...]For you just to have a slite idea were I come from I’m a grandaugther of Alberto who married Delia Risso and had three sons : Carlos Alberto, Ana Delia and Roberto, my father is Roberto [...]. I have a brother Alberto who is married and has three sons : Alberto, Conrado and Patricio ; and a sister who is married and has two kids : Marcos and Sofia. I’ve never got married, instead of having kids I breed dogs "Beagles" for more than 24 years.
I shall be taking some pictures and after Í’ll be sending them to you.
I don’t speak french but I understand the reading quite a lot, my mother¨s grandmother was Belgium so I grow up listening french my hole life. [...] I’ll be sending Alberto this mail so he contact you both when he goes to Paris (how I envy you with that marvellous city).
Lots of kisses, Kenya

1. My sister is called Vanine, born 11th.October 1964, she’s married to Mariano Descalzi.

2. My mother is called María Mónica Brea, born 17th. of march 1940 - Died 2nd.septempber 2001. For all who knew her she was called Monique. Today she would have 66 years. And we really miss her too much........

3. Alberto’s first wife (mother of her three sons) is called Mercedes Arensberg, Alberto was born 20th. july 1963. He is divorced from her and married to Anne Sabine Kramer, they don’t have kids of their own.

4. Roberto was born 22nd. july 1935 and died 12th.august 2003 not in 2004.

5. Delia Risso was born 24th. july 1904 and died the 3rd. of april 1985

6. Alberto (my grandfather) was born in 1900 and died in 1950, I don’t know exactly the dates.

7. Carlos Alberto was born in 1925 and died in 1995.

8. Carlos Alberto was married to Silvia Reis who died in 1990. They didn’t have kids of their own but they adopted to boys : Alejandro and Michel, Michel is married and has two boys (I don’t know their names), I never had too much feeling with him so it’s like I don’t know too much of his life.

9. Ana (Ñata) was born in february 1930, still alive, married to Jesus Loures "Susito" . They have three kids : Diego who died in septempber 1984, Mariana that is married to Nicolas Costanzo and they have 5 daughters : Carolina, Lucrecia, Macarena, Trinidad and I dont’t know the name of the small one ups !! sorry ; and the third son that is called Pablo.

You’ve asked me why they’ve called my uncle Carlos Alberto as "Tito", it’s very common here to call them that way it’s not pejoratif by the contrary it’s a way of showing that you love that person. My aunt Ana they always called her "Ñata", also for the same reason as my uncle Tito. ( that word means small nose, but my aunt has a big nose !!!!!!!!)


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